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Products Offered by Ribtec; 

-Fibrecore (lightweight stainless steel faceplates and a porous steel fibrous core, can be modelled and adjusted to give different weight, strength, energy absorption and acoustic properties).

-Fibresheet (consists of a sintered fiber network of stainless steel Rapid Solidification Technology fibers. Applications include burners, exhaust baffles, noise and particulate filtration, heat exchangers and thermal insulation. Perfect replacement for aluminium in high

temperature environments).

-ME 304 (is primarily used within the refractory and petrochemical industries due to it’s performance under high temperatures but the Fibers also have impressive properties when used within concrete and cement. ME304 ® offers a cost effective alternative to 304 Rebar).

Aerospace Product Uses; 

-Exhaust baffles

-Noise and particulate filtration

-Heat exchangers

-Thermal insulation

-Body Panels


Projects with Ribtec; 

-NASA (Cape Canaveral launchpad concrete)

-Jetpod (Jet engine silencer)

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